We offer variety of straight-wall and stack and nest containers, totes and bins for a wide range of applications.

Straight-wall containers provide superior cube efficiency to allow more product per container for increased productivity. Their smooth interior walls are ideal for dunnage.

Stack and nest containers are available in several styles to add superior space savings for efficient storage and distribution. These containers stack when full, either with a bail, cover or when rotated at 180 degrees. When empty, they efficiently nest inside one another for superior savings.

These containers protect product during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution applications in a wide variety of industries, including beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, poultry, automotive, appliance, aerospace, bakery, produce, apparel and electronics.

Please call us at 1.888.586.2668 (or email at info@bulkbinscanada.com) and ask us about the many types of hand held totes we carry that are listed below.

  • Straight wall handheld totes
  • Trays
  • EDS Totes (electrostatic material)
  • Parts Bins
  • Attached Lid Containers
  • Agricultural Containers
  • Poultry Containers
  • Beverage Crates
  • Bakery System Totes
  • Handheld Folding totes
  • Automated Systems Totes
  • Stack & Nest Totes (Vented and Not Vented)
  • Divider Boxes
  • Nest Only Totes
  • Food Handling Trays
  • Case Ready Meat Containers
  • Dairy Cases
Many of these hand held totes can be purchased in food grade, FM (fire retardant), and electrostatic material.
  • We Have A Wide Range Of Pallets And Dollies That Work With Our Handheld Packaging Systems