What Are The Four Types of Plastic Totes?
What Are The Four Types of Plastic Totes?

Does your business need you to have plastic totes or containers regularly? Nowadays. Plastic totes can be seen everywhere, in varieties of industries- food processing, storage, transportation, and even pharmaceutical. The plastic totes are useful in following some guidelines for hygienic and safe food.

Plus, they are essential to meet the sanitary necessities of the food. Whether you are looking to distribute or manufacture a good, a plastic tote can be handy. So, depending upon your business, choose the right tote for your business.

Bulk Containers

They are used for a variety of material and food handling needs. They are mainly in two types- vented and solid. Each variety of bulk containers is designed to be used for a specific purpose. For seafood, meat, processed food, poultry, agricultural, and other industrial usage. The containers should be accessible to clean and able to fit your needs.

Insulated Containers

The insulated containers are useful for storing or transporting temperature-controlled goods like frozen goods- ice cream packs, frozen packets of vegetables, or anything else. It will also protect the interests from being stored and transported. If your business deals in goods that need to be temperature controlled or protected, it is the perfect option.

Hand-Held Containers

There are a great variety of applications in different businesses and industries. They can be stacked on top of the other quickly and acquire less space. Thus, these containers offer you a great range of benefits- they can be used for filet pans, chill trays, bread, and berry boxes. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Thus, they are used widely by various business owners. Are you looking to buy containers for your business? Look no farther than Bulk Bins Canada. Here you get a variety of containers that can surely fulfill your needs. Contact them today to get the type of container you want!